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  • How To Lose Belly Fat - Without Starving

    By:Alyssa Collins RN | Posted on 7-10-10

    Starvation diets simply do not work. You may have been through the routine before, black coffee for breakfast, a piece of celery for lunch and a tiny dinner at the end of the day.

    At the end of the week you barely lost a pound!

    What's happening is your body is detecting "starvation mode" and is fighting like mad to hang on to every fat cell it can. Meanwhile you're feeling tired, hungry and void of energy because of this misguided effort to lose weight and burn fat.

    More Fat Burn Links Lose 7 Pounds in One Week
    How to Burn Belly Fat

    Very simply to burn fat we must feed our body rather than restrict calories. The secret to burning amazing amounts of fat is to feed your body foods that increase the natural fat burning process. You need to understand the fat burn diet.

    Eating the Wrong Carbs Store Fat

    Eating simple carbs and sugar (white bread, chips, pastries, candy & cookies) will signal your body to STORE fat. So these must be totally eliminated ASAP.

    To burn fat, you must do all you can to convert to a diet consisting of lean proteins, complex carbs and plenty of good fats.

    When you eat only lean proteins and good fats and complex carbs, your body will convert fat stores into usable energy in the form of glucose. Of course fat stores are pulled from all over your body in the process including your belly. It's amazing how much fat you can burn in only one week when this amazingly simple concept is put into practice.

    So without the carbs and sugar floating around, your body has no choice but to use fat stores as a major energy source. Hence, the fat burning begins...and continues as long as you continue the plan.

    Step By Step to Lose 7 pounds in One Week

    Here is a free Diet Solution Program video that simplifies everything for you.

    Evaluate this program if you have tried and given up on other popular diets like Atkins, Zone or Cookie diets. It's refreshingly simple the way the diet is laid out and is based on body science and your metabolic profile.

    This program has helped over 25,000 people melt away pounds using only real diet pills or expensive supplements. No starving, fatigue or calorie counting. This program teaches you how to NATURALLY control your appetite for good.

    Diet Solution Program