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    What you eat can actually work for you as you work toward your weight-loss goals. There is a systematic process of eating primarily LOW GI foods (explained below) that greatly helps you acheive the steady weight loss you want, without starving! Incorporating foods that promote weight loss into your diet is one of the best long term, non-fad and painless ways of slimming down.

    "Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one's liberty." - Henri Frederic Amiel

    Low GI foods are actually the best foods that promote weight loss, because they actually help you eat less overall, so you lose weight. Eating low GI foods is more of an overall lifestyle approach to dieting and a very effective one at that. No fads here; just follow one of the many GI diet plans and watch yourself lose about 1-3 pounds per week; done correctly you won't even feel like your dieting.

    **By the way - A great resource for dieting in general is :
    Description: Diet policy is a health site that provides overview and information on dieting tips, dieting plans and dieting guideliness.

    That said, you should be targeting foods that promote weight loss, so understanding and then putting a low GI diet program into action is essential. Follow a good GI plan and you will surely lose weight. Lets talk about what low GI foods are:

    What is the Glycemic Index (GI)?

    The Glycemic index ranks foods on the effect they have regarding the rate at which they increase or decrease blood sugar levels . Contrary to popular belief some foods that would seem to spike blood sugar levels have little effect and vice versa. This is what we'll learn here...

    How the Glycemic scale works

    The Glycemic scale simply ranks foods on a scale from 1 to 100 based on how rapidly each food raises blood sugar levels . Foods that are slowly digested and raise blood sugar very slowly are ranked with a lower GI value. On the other hand, foods that spike or increase blood sugar levels are ranked with a higher GI value.

    How will the GI scale effect my weight loss?

    Here's a scenario were all familiar with..
    It's mid morning you haven't eaten breakfast and your fading fast! You grab a donut and coffee or a bag of chips and pop your ready to move on…yes…however in about 1 hour that rush you that kicked in suddenly is gone and you feel worse than before you had your little snack to get you through. Now your hungry AGAIN!

    Foods that promote weight loss will have a lower GI index value (less than 50 as a guideline), as they release sugar into your blood slowly . The result is you feel less hungry, more satisfied. This will supply you with steady energy rather than the quick burst you get from junk food. Of course if you are less hungry you won't be compelled to fixate on donuts, candy, cookies, chips etc…

    If you are overweight, chances are you repeat this cycle over and over again.

    Glycemic scale rankings

    In order to find the best foods that promote weight loss you will need to know how the glycemic scale is ranked. It is divided into 3 catagories: low-medium-high. Low is 55 or less, medium is 56-69, High is above 70.

    Some foods like branflakes surprisingly have a high GI value where as milk chocolate and salted peanuts have a low GI value.

    Does this mean we can have as much milk chocolate and peanuts as we like? Unfortunately it's not the case. While low GI foods are encouraged this diet also limits the amounts of fats, especially the amount of saturated fats one consumes.

    How fast will I lose weight using the Low GI diet?

    Many report steady weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week. This slow reduction of weight is recommended by dieticians.

    I need help planning complete Low GI meals - what can I do?

    There are many Low GI diet planning guides that will help you prepare tasty and diverse meals. The benefit of these guides? SAVING TIME of course! You'll want to have some sort of guideline to keep your meals interesting. These two below will get you on your way...

    The Low GI Diet

    The Low GI Diet - Here is a low cost book that I would recommend that makes planning easy. It has all your meals covered: breakfast, dinners, snacks, smoothies, kids meals etc... The visual display of many of the foods made me want to try many of the recipes as I browsed the book.

    The benefit of using this book as a guidline is that you'll save TIME and stay much more focused on accomplishing your weight goals. It's a lot of fun knowing that your doing the right thing (...the GI diet ) correctly.

    Dont Forget About High Fiber Foods

    Healthy Fiber Foods - Learn what you can do to improve your health. A nutrition-dense, balanced diet based on high fiber foods can change your lifestyle for the better. Meet your weight goals and reduce your risk of disease.

    Diet Solution Plan for Low GI Foods

    Diet Solution Program - This E-book does an excellent job also. It reviews the theory behind low GI diets as well as practical tasty recipes. If you want an alternative to the ultra-low carb diet this program might be what you are looking for. It focuses on smart, sensible, no-starvation approach that can be achieved by most people looking to lose weight.