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  • Green Tea Capsules - Defense against Prostate Cancer

    Men in your late 40's and older...there is good news regarding prostate cancer prevention! There is strong evidence supporting the notion that consuming green tea supplemental capsules can defend and lessen the risk of full blown Prostate Cancer.

    "...When I saw the results of this double-blind study, my first reaction was 'Wow!'" said Saverio Bettuzzi, Ph.D., an associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Parma, Italy."

    Research studies have indicated that: "..high risk prostate patients reacted extremely positive to a daily regiment of green tea supplement tablets as opposed to those given placebo."

    The recent study to determine the effect of consuming green tea supplement capsules and the liklihood of developing prostate cancer went something like this:

    62 men between the ages of 45-75 were used in the study.

    All were diagnosed with high grade PIN - prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia which is a precancerous state.

    32 of the men were given 200 mg caplets (decaffeinated) containing green tea catechins 3 times daily for 1 year.

    30 were given placebo at the same dosage rate.

    The typical outcome pattern in high PIN cases is about 30%. Meaning that, 30% diagnosed move on to full blown Prostate Cancer.

    30% of the men in the group that received the placebo moved on to full blown Prostate cancer, as expected and anticipated by past statistics.

    However, of the 32 men that regularly consumed the green tea supplemental capsules, only 1 ( 3%) progressed to prostate cancer. This represents a 90% risk reduction in developing prostate cancer.

    Tea or Green Tea Capsules?

    You would need to drink about 15-20 cups of tea to get the effect of 3 - 200mg green tea supplement capsules which may not be too practical, plus you'ld be up all night because of the caffeine!. If you want to consider using the natural antioxidant "Polyhenols" contained in green tea as a defense against Prostate cancer, we would definitely recommend something like Vita base Green tea extract , an excellent green tea supplement capsule formula.


    More studies are planned to determine the effectivness of green tea supplemental capsules as a defense against Prostate Cancer. Furthur studies which will include a larger sample group (300 plus men), will compare and probably validate the use of green tea supplement capsules as a recognized defense against developing Prostate Cancer. Even now, it is a being used by thousands of men 40 years and older as a preventitive measure for not only prostate health but as an antioxidant, metabolism stimulator, and heart health supplement.

    Study abstract
    Green-tea Supplement May Retard Some Prostate Cancer