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  • How to Clean Arteries and Drastictally Reduce the Risk Heart Disease

    You can take active steps to learn how to clean arteries and DRASTICALLY reduce the risk of heart disease IF you take a little time understand what the real problem is.

    The benefit of reading this article is it will show you 2 things about clearing your arteries: First benefit... show you some foods you can implement into your diet RIGHT NOW that are proven to remove or reduce arterial plaque. Second benefit...long term lifestyle changes...mindset etc...get you to understand the root cause of arterial plaque build up so you STOP the damage/disease cycle to unblock's not what you think. So...first a quick artery cleaning food list that is heart healthy...

    Foods Known to Clean Arteries

    GARLIC There are proven medical studies (Mayo Clinic) indicating that eating garlic is a great way to get heart healthy. WHY? It actually is proven to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) Eating about 700 to 1,300 mg daily is a great start. -

    GREEN TEA Green tea can prevent blood vessel constriction, and also remove calcified deposits from arterial lining. To be effective A good amount to start with is to consume 600 mg daily.

    HAWTHORN BERRIES These wonderful berries help open up your coronary arteries by removing harmful plaque. You can eat the actual fruit or try th epowdered capsule version if the fruit is unavailable.

    BASIL Taking this spice will help to naturally improve heart health by increase anti oxidant to your system. Free radicals are the true cause of arterial damage so anything you can do to prevent th eravaging effects of free radicals will aid in arterial health. Basil is rich in anti oxidant and a great tasting spice.

    TUMERIC The active ingrediant in tumeric is CURCUMIN. This awesome spice has been shown to acually remove plaque deposits from the arterial walls. It also helps circulation plus it is available at just about every grocery store.

    The Long Term Knowledge Needed To Keep Arteries Clean

    The Key to reducing arterial plaque? Remove Inflammation because this WHY we accumulate arterial plaque in the first place

    You see... we have been mislead by the big bad medical world which is driven by the pharmaceutical industry and their profit driven sales agenda.

    The BIGGEST MYTH regarding heart disease is that it is solely caused by eating high cholesterol foods...which is just a giant myth.

    The root cause of plaque build up is INFLAMMATION. To remove plaque from your arteries you need to first reduce inflammation in your body.

    Let's see how Inflammation, arterial plaque and ultimately heart disease are all connected... here is how the deadly process works:


    One of the best proven step by step method plans for teaching how to clean arteries, reduce inflammation and arterial plaque can be found here : "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease – Without Drugs or Surgery"

    Chronic Inflammation - The Root of Arterial Damage

    Inflammation is not inherently bad. In other words, Acute Inflammation is your bodies natural defense against invaders like bacteria, virus, and other toxins. The NATURAL inflammatory process in our body is fine tuned and well engineered to protect us from these invasions when they occur.

    The problem is in the last 25 years the inflammation we are experiencing is considered Chronic Inflammation, the bad kind...which stems from a pro-inflammatory lifestyle and is a result of exposing our body to harm via poor diet and lifestyle choices. Acute inflammation serves a beneficial purpose whereas chronic inflammation overwhelms the system , we simply were not designed to process the overwhelming amount of self induced trauma to our bodies.

    When we are young our arteries are clear... like the smooth inner surface PVC pipes. As we grow older and subject our body to inflammation our arteries drastically change. Picture a diseased artery; Which looks like someone took steel wool to a delicate cloth and completely ravaged the surface. As cholesterol passes through our damaged arteries it seeps into what is now an increasingly porus surface, and is trapped on the surface and slowly seeps inside the middle layer of your artery.

    Now, usually we picture inflammation as protruding OUT like when you get a bad bruise on the knee, or a black eye. With arterial inflammation the swelling protrudes INWARD because as the cholesterol fills the middle part of the artery it cannot push out on the tough outer lining.

    What causes the Chronic inflammation?

    The primary causes of inflammation is our profoundly misguided diet…mainly over consumption of sugar, hidden sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates. Sugar is slow death. Those are strong and scary words but it is the truth. It's amazing how something so innocent like candy or sweetened cereal can have such negative longterm health consequences.

    High Blood Sugar - Chronic Inflammation - Arterial Damage

    When you consume a couple donuts for example your blood sugar skyrockets. Our natural defense for bringing this excess sugar under control is insulin. Our pancreas produces insulin whos job is to push the excess sugar into cells to be stored for energy. What happens is that we typically and ROUTINELY eat so much sugar that there is no more room in the cells to store anymore glucose.

    So what does this have to do with inflammation?

    These excess sugar molecules attach to proteins which float around your arteries and damage the interior of your arterial walls, these are actually known as free radicals...and act as if the arterial wall was being gouged and stabbed by tiny protein cell daggers.

    So…how does your body respond to these free radicals?

    In an effort to ward off this self induced attack of free radicals , your system creates an inflammatory response at the location of the trauma. And what does it use to repair the damamged artery? Cholesterol. Like putty on a damaged wall it is called to the scene to fix the gouged artery.

    Imagine this inflammation process happening several times a day with every sugar indulgence you engage in!! Now you can see how and why all this excess sugar is clogging your arteries

    Cholesterol won't stick to smooth arterial tissue...

    Cholesterol will not be trapped in healthy arteries, plain and simple. Once our arterial walls become inflamed, the trouble starts. Cholesterol that once moved freely throughout the body, as it should, is now trapped and lodged as our inflamed arteries resemble a rough damaged Velcro like surface, perfect for capturing sticky plaque build up.

    That's why you can have LOW cholesterol and still die from a massive heart attack!

    The level of cholesterol, high or low, is less important than the level of inflammation in your system regarding risk of a coronary event.

    How to Reduce Inflammation

    Once you are shocked into the reality of knowing the damaging effect of sugar, can you then be motivated to change your eating habits to an inflammation reducing diet.. It’s obvious cutting back or completely eliminating table sugar, hidden sugar and high glycemic carbs should be a high priority if you want to lower your risk for CAD ( coronary artery disease.)

    Here is the link to : "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease – Without Drugs or Surgery"

    More Information on reducing plaque build-up from your arteries, SEE : Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Book

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