Do you know "How To Unblock Arteries?" Please read our review on," "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery"...

"...Do you suspect you may be at risk for heart disease? Most of the time symptoms signaling arterial clogging don't occur until 70% of the damage is done. Arterial plaque build-up can be REVERSED NATURALY without surgery, in most cases with the simple diet adjustments and the correct supplements...

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"How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery" This e-book is an effective and popular resource based on alternative medicine that has helped thousands answering the question "How To Unblock Arteries" and wean OFF harmful Statin drugs.

The book, "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery" was written by notable cardiac surgeon for 15 years, Dr. Robert D. Willix Jr (since retired) and competely devotes all time and energy to alternative medicine, cures and treatments focusing on heart health and cholesterol problems.

Credibility ? - High marks. Dr. Willix has a long career in mainstream medicine as a top cardiac surgeon (7 years) so his negative opinion of big corporate control and prescription drug marketing is believable and "first hand".

I've done a thorough internet search to insure no "quackery" and couldn't find any negative articles or comments regarding his work . To be fair his methods reveal positive testimonials, and he has authored several successful publications that have helped thousands by finding safe natural alternative to Statin drugs.

What information does this e book give you? Basically Dr. Robert D. Willix's e-book explains 2 things:

(1) People who follow the standard medical advice generally find that their heart disease gets worse - not better. (2) There is solid medical research showing that heart disease can be reversed in those who currently suffer - and prevented in most everyone else.

Rather than treating the symptoms which conform to standard drug prescribtion protocol, this book thoroughly explains how controling "inflamation" not "cholesterol" is the key to heart health.

He further explains treating the symptoms of high cholesterol with statin drugs is ridiculously ineffective and potentially does much more harm and is actually ineffective in over 90% of those taking the drugs.

What are the benefits of this ebook? - The benefits of following his regimen can easily help you reduce your risk for heart disease substantially, and save you a ton of money if you are currently on or are "considering" expensive Statin Drugs to control cholesterol.

In my opinion, this ebook method excels at communicating and teaching what you need lower your risk of heart disease and arterial plaque build up mainly discussing these (2) critical topics...

Pros and Cons of "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery"

Pros of the ebook...

You may not view these as "negatives" but we'll list them anyway...

Like I said, these may not be negatives. Just because the FDA doesn't approve something is not an indicator of a treatments effectiveness. Just look at Statin drugs...all of these have been approved by the FDA and look at the devastating negative side effects they inflict.

Overall "How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery", is an effective and recommended e book and a good deal since you get sound information from a credible source that actually works. I've seen the methods work on reducing arterial plaque, lowering blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol and the risk of heart attack on my own family members. This is first hand information and am extremely thankful I found this ebook that thoroughly addresses "How To Unblock Arteries"


Alyssa Collins,