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  • Pu Erh Tea Benefits

    The healing properties of this tea are widely accepted and go back thousands of years originating with the ancient Chinese. And you too can reap the health benefits as well!

    Along with plenty of anecdotal reference to Pu erh tea health benefits there is scientific evidence as well to back up the health claims touted by this amazing and unique tea. Click here if you want to browse PU ERH TEA

    Here is some interesting research that backs up the health benefits, mostly done in university clinical settings...

    Anti Oxidant Benefit

    Anti oxidants slow the aging process and fight free radicals that can cause diseases like cancer, and Pu erh is loaded with anti oxidants…

    In several studies conducted by: leenen et al 2000, MCS et al 2002, rietveld & Wiseman 2003, Sung et al 2000, it was concluded that 2 cups of pu erh daily over a period of 42 days significantly increases anti oxidant levels in the system.

    There were marked increase in plasma antioxidant status, reduced plasma peroxides and reduced LDL-cholesterol as compared with control groups.

    Weight Loss Benefit

    Pu erh has a natural thermogenic effect which means it will increase your metabolism resulting in increased calorie burning.

    How much weight can you lose?

    Don't expect fat loss miracles from drinking tea alone…

    About 10 pounds in one year, if you drank about 4 cups of green pu erh everyday. That’s holding all other things constant, like diet and exercise…

    Don't be discouraged as the other amazing benefits resulting from tea drinking are reason enough to continue it as a daily part of your diet.

    There are reports of success when combining pu erh tea with a fat burning program like the Diet Solution Program Which strives to control blood sugar rather than count calories. This system has been reoprted to have extremely good results

    Cancer Treatment

    A significant correlation between tea drinking and mortality rate in ovarian cancer patients was documented in a study by (Zhang et al 2004). Those that consumed 3 cups of pu erh daily had a much higher survival rate than those who did not drink tea. Out of 309 Chinese women, 77% that drank pu erh were alive at the 3 year follow up compared to 47.9% in the control group.

    Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Increases Good Cholesterol

    It is well documented that drinking green pu erh daily will lower the LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol ( Imai & Nakachi 1995). ). This study was done on 1371 men over 40 years old to monitor serum blood cholesterol levels after continually consuming 3-5 cups of Pu erh daily.

    Pu Erh Prevents Tooth Decay

    One of the other amazing Pu Erh Tea Benefits is that it is an excellent deterent against tooth decay

    Double blind tests prove that the polyphenols in pu erh can have a positive effect on gingivitis and reducing plaque formation. ( Krahwinkle & Willershausen 2000).

    The testing method had a test group chew a green tea product 8 times daily over a period of 21 days. The test group had significantly decreased gingivitis and inflammation compared to the control group given a placebo.