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  • Discover Rooibos - Great alternative to tea

    Looking for a super healthy CAFFEINE FREE drink that is also a super source of antioxidant?

    Discover Rooibos

    Rooibos is not a tea but rather a South African herb. You may see it simply called "Red Bush" or "Red Tea"

    It is tea-like in that it is brewed and steeped just like tea so we include it in our website.

    The health benefits are pretty impressive and can be backed up with good data and documented research.

    Tests have proven that the amount of antioxidant found in the Rooibos plant far exceeds any other plant known.

    For example:Institute for Science of Aging at AICHI Medical University in Japan, showed Red Tea to contain Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) - an outstanding antioxidant - polyphenols and flavonoids, all prime fighters of free radical damage.

    Free radical damage is a known cause of aging, and in the formation of cancer and other diseases. The more antioxidant you consume the better you can defend against the ravages of these ailments.

    Here is a breakdown of the benefits reported from drinking three 6oz Cups of rooibos daily...

    But wait! My mom always told me that if it "tastes good it can't be that good for you!

    She was wrong! (just this time...)

    I tried the Rooibos tea plain and found the taste to be quite earthy and refreshing; mixed with club soda and juice it made a fantastic healthy punch drink.

    If you are interested in trying Rooibos - click below:
    Discover Rooibos