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  • What Is Wu-Long Tea ?

    All tea comes from the same species of plant Camellia Sinensis. It is in the fermentation process that produces the many wonderfully different tasting and fragrant teas.

    " Wu-long tea has gained much popularity lately because of the many health benefits..."

    Wu-Long ( ..or oolong, wulong... don't get hung up on the two names they are EXACTLY the same tea!) is a partially fermented tea which is processed between the black and green tea families. The tea leaves are dried in sunlight and allowed to partially oxidize (20-80%) until leaf edges reddens. This gives oolong a a bit more body than Green tea but slightly less body than Black tea.

    Wu-Long is grown in China, specifically, in the southern regions of China like Taiwan, Guangdong and Fujian. One of the most famous tea regions in Fujina is Anxi.

    Demand for Wu-long tea has skyrocketed since 2003 when many of these studies were made public. People from all around the world who had never been aware of these amazing health benefits have been enjoying this refreshing and fragrant tea.

    tea-ceremony Wu-long tea possess the best qualities of both black and green teas. It has the refreshing qualities of green teas while also has the fragrance of black teas. People are discovering that besides increasing your body energy, promoting metabolism and controling obesity, Wu-long tea is tasty and never ceases to lose its appeal no matter how often you drink it.
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