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  • Wu Yi Tea

    This tea has been getting a lot of press lately so let's get the facts straight!

    The difference between Wu Yi and Wu Long teas is very minimal; and both are in the oolong family; which is a complex, semi-fermented tea somewhere between green and black tea.

    The tea's name, Wu Yi , is tied directly to the mountainous region in China where this characteristically dark rich tea is grown. Wu yi teas tend to be fully browned and very robust - many tea lovers describe Wu yi teas as being almost coffee like rich with roasted hints..

    The health benefits and calorie burning properties of wu yi teas are the same as wu long and oolong teas.

    "Polyphenol", which is one of the natural ingredients of Wu yi tea as well as one of the most widely studied compounds within teas is known to effectively control obesity. Specifically, it activates the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride. It basically speeds the metabolism - the result - you burn more calories.

    There have been numerous studies supporting all the health benefits as well as weight loss properties of wu yi tea.. Please note, many studies on wu long tea have been conducted so the findings apply to Wu yi as well, the two teas are within the oolong family - both semi-fermented

    It's just marketing and repackaging a popular tea under a different name. The reputable online tea outlets have been selling tea from the Wu Yi region for years - it's nothing new.

    Nontheless, the Chinese have been consistently using this unique fermenting process to create many Wu Yi teas with a delightful variety of tastes and aromas. Many don't fall into one distinct category.

    The cost of Wu yi teas can range from $6.00 to $35.00 for 2oz. of loose leaf tea. This has to do with the "complexity" of the particular batch.

    The active ingredients of all Wu yi teas are basically the same but the complexity of taste will be different causing it to be more or less sought after. The aroma, astringency, body, toastiness, and fullness, to name a few all vary significantly between types of wu yi teas. Like wines, the more complex the taste the higher the price (usually per oz in loose leaf tea).

    You should also know about the actual "ingredients" in tea. Reputable loose-leaf tea distributors that sell wu yi / wu long / oolong add nothing to the tea. It is a purely natural substance with nothing man-made or added.

    Why not peruse a good selection of online wu yi teas to find one that sounds tasty to you?

    Wu Yi tea - can be found here - the links are to one of the best online tea purveyors, truly dedicated to quality tea and have been in business many years. Experiment and develop your palette, try drinking Wu Yi with no additives (cream sugar etc..) as these will alter the antioxidant properties.